Why choose MaintainPad Keys Tracking?

Oct 17, 2019 | Facilities & Maintenance, Keyzi



Nowadays, keys are the most important part of your property. But some people usually forget their keys at home when going towards the office. We all faced this issue many times, so now is to get rid of this problem. Maintainpad found a solution to our issue. Key Tracking software, we can track keys by using this application.

Why choose MaintainPad Keys Tracking?

Here are some of the best features of our Key tracking Application.


Unlike our competitors, we allow you to print your own tags. All you need is an affordable QR code printer and you can tag all of your keys. There is no extra charge per key! Our system allows you to create a professional tag for your keys. You’re in full control!

Get the best person to fix it:

Using the “competitive tendering” capabilities of the application, you get a full comparison between the different people available for the job. The app allows you to send multiple people the job and they will return a quote and expected completion date. This allows you to choose the most cost-effective person for the job.

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Prioritize jobs based on importance:

The organization of the application is outstanding, you can filter the list by order of priority so you don’t forget about important jobs. Instead of having reams of paper filling up your desk, making it easy to forget about your tasks, MaintainPad sorts it all out for you!


MaintainPad helps keep track of keys given out to contractors or staff. Scan the QR code attached to the key and ask for a signature directly into the app. Knowing who is borrowing your keys. Reminders alert the person to return them. Every day.

We have discussed “Why to choose MaintainPad Keys Tracking?”.

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