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Nov 1, 2019 | Attendance Rota, HR & Productivity


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  • Introduction of Attendance Management System
  • Attendance Rota
  • Ximble
  • RotaCloud
  • When I Work
  • Msite
  • Conclusion


As technology and AI becomes cheaper, reliable and more integrated into our daily lives, many employers have looked for modern solutions to their staff scheduling and time management needs.  If you’ve ever worked in a big company, I’m sure you’ll remember those huge clock-in machines that were always used to monitor when you were clocking in and out.  No Biometric access control system insight. And if you were ever a manager, I’m sure you’ll also remember their clunky user interfaces, devoid of imaginative innovations and design. Read the full article to get information about top 5 attendance management systems of 2019.

In the wake of this horror show, start-ups have created a range of cheaper and innovative apps that are integrated into browsers and available on the app store. They mostly run from widely available hardware, like tablets and phones.  With these apps, you can monitor your staff attendance. Produce an interactive schedule and facilitate communication between you and your team. That way, you can make sure they turn up on time and are always supported correctly by a full team.  Below, you can find a ranked list of the best time and attendance software available to you.

1. Attendance Rota:

Top 5 Attendance Management Systems in 2019

As the newest app in this line-up, Attendance rota has been able to combine the best features of a modern attendance software with the friendliest UI and best range of compatible extras.  Attendance Rota is one of the only apps on this list with a biometric face scanner. Allowing your employees to clock in simply using their face.  This biometric access means that there’s no need to remember complex codes just to get into work. Facial Recognition also means that employees have to be in work to clock in themselves, meaning you can’t clock in remotely or get others to clock in for you. Attendance Rota’s best feature is its Auto Scheduler. This allows you to create automatic schedules based on the needs of you and your team. This cuts your time working on schedules down to zero!

2. Ximble:

Like Attendance Rota, Ximble is the only other staff clock in a system on this list with Facial recognition technology.  It also claims many of the same benefits, with time monitoring and staff schedules built into its UI.  Its most interesting feature is definitely its forecasting tools, which allow you to predict when staff shortages are most likely to occur. However, this tool would only be best optimized when a certain amount of data is inserted into the application. Therefore, you shouldn’t see its benefits until you were using the app for a substantial amount of time.   Like all the others on this list, Ximble lacks an auto-scheduler feature, making it a close call, but not the best on this list.

3. Rotacloud:

Rotacloud attendance management system

RotaCloud is a popular and widely used attendance software.  Its user interface allows you to create shifts and “snap” them into place. It also allows you to request holidays and monitor staff shortages. Unlike Attendance Rota, RotaCloud allows employees to clock in via their own phone, using GPS to make sure they are actually located at work. However, RotaCloud lacks the biometric facial recognition of superior apps. Meaning that employees have to use their own devices or code on a company device, to clock in.  By providing biometric access, Attendance Rota and others like it, reduces the likelihood of problems that can arise from a GPS system.  Similarly, RotaCloud lacks an Auto-Scheduler, meaning that although it saves you time on schedules It still requires you to manually enter shifts each time they change.

4. When I Work:

As one of the most popular attendance apps in the US. When I Work boasts a range of attendance management features including an interactive schedule and the ability to clock in and out using a tablet or phone. The biggest perk of this staff clock in the system is its messaging features. Employees can contact others through the apps to swap shifts with them. And if someone calls in sick, you can notice certain employees who are most likely to be able to cover them.  Like RotaCloud, When I Work still requires you to manually enter data each time you are adding unique shifts to your schedule. It also lacks the facial recognition technology of apps like Attendance Rota.

5. Msite:

Designed specifically for the construction industry, Msite boasts many similar features to other attendance management apps and attendance software. With it, you can clock in with your finger and sign up for specific shifts.  You can also review your data and generate reports about your employee attendance. However, Msite’s benefits require expensive hardware including a biometric hand scanner, which really limits its cost-effectiveness as an attendance management tool. If you don’t work in the construction industry, I would avoid this one.

Comparison Table:

Top 5 Attendance Management Systems in 2019


We have discussed the Top 5 Attendance management systems of 2019. I hope this has been an informative read, giving you the scoop on the latest and best Attendance management apps. As you can see, many of these apps overlap in the way they look and the features they offer.  It is their individual unique features, like Attendance Rota’s Auto scheduler, and Ximble’s forecasting tools that really set them apart from the competition. Attendance Rota, like our top pick, takes the best features of each attendance management app. And makes them all work together in one place.

It’s also important to remember that attendance rota is part of the MaintainPad suite, and therefore allows you to connect attendance rota will a range of other helpful apps. If you want to manage your employees effectively, I will suggest you try AttendanceRota one of the best Attendance Management systems from these top 5 attendance management systems of 2019.  This little Face Scanner is just the beginning check our Business IT Solutions Products.

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