Mobile Apps: Why Your Business Should Invest!

Jan 26, 2021 | Ecommerce

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If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that going online has been a lifeline for many SMEs. But what’s the next step? You have your business set-up online (and if you don’t, check out Uptivity’s new app, JustSell), a steady stream of customers/clients, and the drive to grow. How do you do that though? Apps! Although investing in app-development can seem like a big move for any business, the benefits you reap make it worthwhile. In this blog post, I’m going to take you through all of the reasons I think you should invest in your own mobile apps…


1. Increased Customer Engagement

According to research conducted by Rescue Time, the typical phone user spends 3 hours and 15 minutes every day on their mobile device. Because of  our ever-increasing need for digital connection, especially in the past year, this number is estimated to grow. It is because of this, that investing in mobile apps now is a great business move. Think of your app as the online equivalent of a high-street shop; you go in just to browse, and end up coming out with a mountain of new clothes! The premise for an app is the same. Just being there on a persons home screen will increase your business’ reach and opportunity to grow.  The more engagement a person has with your brand = the more sales you will make!


2. Build Brand Awareness and Visibility

Having your own mobile apps allows a business to control its own brand image and awareness. Every sale you generate is from someone, somewhere knowing and trusting your business. It is therefore important, to keep things consistent and get your business out there. This is where having an app comes in very handy. Unlike social media, your app is exactly that; YOURS! This means that you have full control on how your business is presented, and the branding you want to use for it. This, in turn, translates very well into creating a long-lasting brand awareness. Social media marketing is a great way of spreading a brands name and increasing your engagement, but your owned media (like your website, publications, and mobile apps) are  where most of your enquiries will be converted into tangible sales…


man uses mobile apps to order food

You can use mobile apps to sell various kinds of products and services, including food!


3. Increased Sales

Increasing sales is a primary goal of any business; whether it be through selling products, or providing services. Having an eCommerce app therefore makes things simple in the eyes of your customer. Let’s use the example of Amazon (of which I am a shameless over-user!), for instance. You’re out and about, going about your day, and you remember that you urgently need to buy something! Instead of having to wait until you’re home or near a computer to make your purchase (which, if you’re like me, you’d forget to do!), you can whip out your phone and order everything you need easily through their app. In a space of a couple of minutes, you as a consumer, have discovered a problem and solved it – all through the use of one simple app.


4. Understand Your Customers

Lastly, one of the fantastic things about having your own app is that you can really learn a lot about your customers or clients. Being able to have a streamlined interface that shows you what products/services your customers are buying or using will ultimately help you tailor what your business does to meet their needs. Analytics are an important and crucial tool for any business to grow, and having an app puts a lot of this information into one easy-to-use and accessible place. You can also allow for customer feedback through ratings, reviews, and comments, which again are a great way of understanding your customer’s needs. They also allow you to build the all-important customer relationships which sustain your business. It’s a win-win solution!


Interested in developing your business’ very own app? I don’t blame you! The opportunities are endless! Uptivity specialise in helping your business take off – their brand new app Just Sell includes packages offering bespoke app and website development, with on-going customer and technical support. Find out more at:


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