JustSell for Services: Salons and Nail Bars

May 24, 2021 | Ecommerce, JustSell Services


As non-essential business’ in the UK begin to open their doors once again to customers, salons and nail bars across the country have a backlog of postponed appointments to keep on top of, and new appointments to book in! Are you struggling to keep on top of business? We might have the solution for you!


What is JustSell for Services?


JustSell for Services is our comprehensive, all-in-one app solution for service-based businesses. When you choose us as your e-commerce provider you will receive all of the following to help your business prosper and grow online:

  • Your own bespoke made website and custom domain
  • Business-branded seller, buyer, and sales rep apps
  • Access to our full suite of business operations management apps
  • Social media marketing management and support with Pay-per-Click ad campaigns


JustSell for Services: sell your salon services from your own buyers app!


What does this mean?


Have you ever had so many customer’s call to book appointments that your phoneline went down? What about no-showers – ever lost out on business because of them? Maybe you’ve even accidentally double-booked a wedding weekend!

These are all honest mistakes and hurdles growing businesses face, especially so when they’re so sought-after like salons and nail bars. Thankfully, there is now software out there to help you overcome these bumps in the road.

Why choose us, you ask? What makes JustSell different? The biggest difference between JustSell and our competitors is our pricing – we stay competitive so YOU can stay competitive! We don’t charge any commission on the sales you make and charge a flat rate for our services with NO hidden fees!

Another difference is your business-branded apps, which we think speak for themselves; having your own apps can make all the difference to small businesses! Don’t believe us? Take a look at what we could do for the local, Newcastle-based business, Noor Couture:

Finally, because JustSell for Services is tailored to your business, you can add any feature you’d like. Sell products too? We can add that! Want to add the option for customers to choose their own stylist or artist in-app? We’ve got you covered! Unlike our competitors, we don’t provide cookie-cutter solutions; your website and apps are truly bespoke and made with your business needs in mind.


Sound interesting? Find out more about JustSell here!

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