He felt a little bit like a child being told off

Mar 15, 2022 | Ecommerce, EPoS

epos till in dubai

Muhammad was on a trip to GulFood 2022 when he popped out to a supermarket. He’d picked some loose fruit and headed to the checkout. That’s when the assistant looked at him like surely he should know it needed weighing and pricing BEFORE coming to pay. She pointed in the direction of another queue.

He went there, had his fruit weighed. A sticker was stuck onto the bag, now Muhammad went back to the checkout to pay.

In the UK every supermarket has a weighing scale at checkout linked to EpoS. What Muhammad hadn’t known is that this isn’t the case in Dubai. There, customers have to have their produce pre-weighed and priced.

But this is about to change. As it happens, an EPoS till with integrated weighing scales is one of Uptivity’s products. This together with an E-commerce platform (B2B optimised) and temperature sensors for food pallets (& packs) are really raising eyebrows in the Middle East.

Muhammad is Uptivity’s CEO. He said, “I did feel a bit like a naughty child being sent to the corner. To be fair to the checkout woman, she wouldn’t have known I didn’t know the normal procedure here. But that’s about to change, we have serious interest in our system”.
Muhammad added, “The Department for International Trade is really excelling itself. The staff are so helpful in trying to export our software products into the Middle East”.


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