What to consider while choosing an EPoS for Supermarkets and Wholesale

Feb 7, 2023 | Ecommerce, EPoS

An electronic point-of-sale (EPOS) system is a software solution that allows vendors to accept payment methods quickly and easily.

EPoS systems are becoming more simple and more dynamic; some even let you use your own iPad as the central component. They aren’t the unaffordable luxuries they used to be. Most major credit cards can be integrated into this software, making it easy to take payments anywhere there are accepted forms of payment.

By integrating your vendor’s account with an EPoS system, you give them access to all their accounts from within the app, which helps them run their business more efficiently.

EPoS for Supermarket

EPoS for Supermarket

For example, they could update their inventory or find receipts faster since everything is connected. They could also check out by themselves if needed, saving time and energy. More efficient operations help keep their business running smoothly, which creates an even better environment for working.

It also encourages repeat business because people feel comfortable buying products online and through mobile apps.

Using an EPoS is not new, but what makes them unique is how they interact with other systems in your business. By linking your EPoS to other technology such as accounting software or CRM programs, you can improve the efficiency of your business- which is very important since buying equipment and goods to run your business takes money!

Most companies use an internal cash register that does not connect to any outside devices. This means that every time someone needs to check out, people have to input their item codes into the machine, verify that it works, then manually enter all of the details about the purchase into a computer program. It also means that they must do this separately for each person who checks out.

Using an EPoS allows purchases to be recorded automatically through linked accounts. These accounts are used to collect information about the buyer, his or her company, and the items he or she purchased. With this data, the system connects buyers’ accounts to the appropriate staff members so that they know who they should send invoices to and for what purposes.

EPoS Supermarket

EPoS Supermarket

It also helps ensure that accurate records are kept of everything, from customers to employees to financials. And because there is no need to physically handle paper receipts anymore, these documents are saved and organised easily too. When something gets lost, it is much simpler to find than if handwritten notes were involved.

The average business owner spends too much time worrying about their computer or phone running out of battery power, or needing to be replaced soon. More than half spend hours every week trying to find a good deal on supplies that they know very little about.
This is totally normal! Most business owners come from non-tech backgrounds, so it makes sense to feel overwhelmed when buying new equipment.

But investing in better technology for your business is worth its weight in gold. Here are some reasons why.

Improved Cash Flow

A solid point-of- sale software will help you keep track of all of your sales records automatically. This helps you stay organised and aware of everything that is happening with your business, which equals improved cash flow.

You will also have access to all of your past financial data, as well as easy ways to track monthly expenses. With lots of vendors giving free trial versions of their software, this option is not expensive either.

Less Fraud

With every passing day, there are more and more instances of paper-based receipts being scanned to verify purchases. A growing number of companies have switched over to electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems due to this increase in scan-to-verify transactions.

Mostly, vendors will not make a purchase unless they have verified that you actually owned the item before buying it. This helps prevent vendor scamming by ensuring that someone does not go shopping with your money without your knowledge or permission!

EPoS Supermarket Happy Staff

By using an EPOS system, your business will also reduce overhead costs. There is no need to hire additional staff members to manage the registers, nor do you have to invest in printer ink and toner to print out all the register documents.

These savings can add up quickly as your business grows.


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