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Feb 8, 2023 | Digital Documents, HR & Productivity

With the explosion of digital technology, there are now many ways to create, store, find, organise, and share documents. Gone are the days when people used paper as their main mode of communication.

With how easy it is to edit most documents these days, using papers no longer make sense. When you need to quickly send off an email or document with some bullet points and comments, use digital documents!

By using Digital Documents, this process becomes much more efficient. Not only do they stay online longer, but you also have access to them anywhere there’s internet. You don’t even have to print each one individually either our app makes it easy to upload and edit from your phone or computer.

This greater efficiency is one of the main reasons why most large companies use Digital Documents. And with how quickly technology moves, it will be soon enough that every company will.


Digital Documents Referencing

Digital Documents Referencing

With Digital Documents just some of the following you can do:

• Access important information anytime, anywhere
• Digitalise your business’ documentation and HR processes
• Digitally distribute and sign documents in seconds
• Set automatic reminders to ensure documents are read and signed promptly
• Streamline your workforce and productivity with fewer human errors

With paper documents, there is always that chance of something being lost or destroyed. If you are very organised, you can use an app like Google Docs to upload your files, but this may not work if you need to send several documents at once.

If you do happen to lose one document, it will probably not hurt much unless you really wanted to refer to it frequently. However, with our digital documents, all of your information is saved online so it will you can access it anytime it is required.

Through our digital documents app you can also digitalise your HR Processes form digitally distributing legal documents such as contracts in seconds to sorting employees sensitive data and information safely on a remote Cloud.

You can provide staff with remote training instructions and guide. That’s why digital documents is the best way to digitise documents, you can also distribute recruitment and interviewing documents quickly.

Signed contracts and legal agreements are particularly vulnerable to fraudulent alteration because professionals must rely on professional norms for consistency and clarity. That’s where Digital Documents comes in being able to sign digitally it cuts down the chances of any fraudulent alterations to that signature.

Digital documents-Signature

Digital documents-Signature

Having only digital documents can reduce your paper waste slightly. By using only digital copies, you are still able to keep an original copy in case you need to refer back to it, but other than that, everything is saved online.

This includes presentations, notes, and documents such as this one!

By creating separate backups for each type of document, you have again avoided having to trash any papers.
But what if someone accidentally delete or overwrite a file? You no longer have to worry about losing these things because they’re all just electronic data now.

One of the biggest reasons why employers should consider moving towards digital documents is because it increases employee satisfaction. When employees can easily access and modify document information, talk about important topics, and find all related materials in-place, they feel more comfortable performing their jobs effectively.



Digital Documents-Questionnaires

Digital Documents-Questionnaires

This greater efficiency and productivity helps your company stay competitive by reducing overhead costs. And since we’ve discussed how valuable time is, investing in technology that keeps people working efficiently is always worth it!

If you’re looking to increase employee satisfaction, make sure your organisation has easy access to important documents and resources.

With Digital Documents , you can easily upload files, add comments, track changes, and access documents from anywhere there’s an internet connection.These documents are also searchable, which helps ensure all your information isn’t lost when someone else edits the file.

Being able to share digital documents is an excellent way to enhance collaboration in your organisation. Since these files can be accessed from virtually anywhere, you no longer have to ask someone else if they have printed their work or not.

If you need to check something, you can just take a look yourself! This cuts down on wasted time and resources as well as creating jealousy or feelings of exclusion due to lack of access.

It also helps people outside of your department keep up with what you’re working on since it can be viewed at any time.

These things all contribute to efficient workflow and communication in your workplace. It may even create a sense of community, encouraging colleagues to join in and collaborate too.

Digital Documents Request Form

Digital Documents Request Form

You can save those files in many different formats, which offer varying levels of compatibility with other programs or software. This makes it easy to share them easily.

And if your computer crashes or something else deletes all your files, you’re still not too far off since most things are just stored as data. It may be harder to access that data, but you won’t lose anything unless you have bad luck!

You can also manage your customer enquiries and queries when switching to Digital Documents, you will also help to reduce your environmental impact due to less paper use. Engage with your customers and collect valuable customer information collecting vital market data to use in inbound marketing strategies.

Automate your processes and improve your company’s efficiency when it comes to necessary forms with pre-added information such as names and contact information for your staff or customers, there’s no longer any need to copy and paste when filling in multiple forms which will cut down on unnecessary admin tasks for your staff and customers.

Ease of access for you and your customers by embedding your commonly used forms directly into your website such as repair requests of recruitment forms, to cut down on unnecessary administrative time for both you and your customers.

With Digital Documents its more than checkboxes, customise the form to exactly what you need. Using the Digital Documents workflow, you can form response as dropdowns and provide tailored follow-up questions based on a particular answer. You can also combine Digital Documents with our Checkki App to create digital checklists and ensure checks are done consistently.

Switch to Digital Documents today and reap the benefits! Gone are the days of sorting through inefficient filing systems. With Digital Documents, you can be confident that your documents are securely stored, and easily accessed.

Give your team a secure way to sign in, send, store and upload documents or files in the cloud. Digital Documents ensures that you and your customers can access what you need from anywhere, and they will never get lost.

When it comes to data safety, privacy and security you can be sure of the following:

• Industry-Standard Data Security; Encrypted and secure communication of data no matter where you access it from. Secure Cloud infrastructure protecting sensitive information and ensuring GDPR-compliance.

• Peace-of-mind Data Safety and High Availability; ISO Certified Data Centres with 99.9% up-times with regular data backups and disaster recovery to make sure your operations keep running smoothly around the clock.

Secure Storage Cloud

Secure Storage Cloud



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