Fully Customised Digital Checks

Every business have checks to do to maintain quality of work or to meet health and safety compliance.

Checkki allows your to create your own custom checklists and distribute to your team.

Everything captured electronically, no paperwork and no mistakes.

Checkki is a very versitile app, created for businesses that need swift actions to improve quality or to become compliant.


No Paperwork. Everything Digitalised.

Do you still use paper checklists for Quality Control or Compliance?

Now is the time to move to Checkki. Everything is captured digitally. Which makes it easy to work out quickly areas of improvements. 

You can set notification against each response too, meaning urgent actions needed don’t get forgotten about.

From hygiene inspections to property, buildings, assets & equipment checks, you can do it all electronically even if you have distributed teams.


Perform and Record Risk Assessments

Every business needs to perform risk assessments; whether you work in the hospitality and food industry, or construction and property management! 

Checkki allows you to not only perform these risk assessments quickly and with no paperwork involved, but also allows you to record and store the results for your records that you can revisit at a later point.

All of this done from one simple app!


Generate and Distribute Digital Reports

Generate reports from completed checklists with the option to include photos as evidence of task completion etc. in-app and with the tap of a screen.

For long-term records, receive summary reports of multiple checklists over a chosen period of time; great for comparing financial quarters and years, or your companies performances annually.

Once complete, generate and distribute PDF reports by email directly from the App, and send to all of the relevant parties.

Train Your Staff

Checklists are a great way to ensure staff performance and work quality is up to industry-standard. In addition, they are also a great way to train up new staff members to your business’ expectations and level of service.

Create bespoke task lists for your employees so they understand how to do each job properly with the additional option to attach training videos for more technical or skill-based tasks that need completing in a way that is health and safety compliant.

Collect Important Data

Create questionnaires and forms that allow you to gather all kinds of information across your business; from employee satisfaction to customer feedback!

When all of the data is collected, generate reports that can then be used as part of your business plan, and tailor your services to their results.


Digitally Distribute and Sign Legal Documents

Make distributing and signing legal documents like contracts easy!

The portability of Checkki allows people anywhere and at any time to receive and digitally sign legal documents – eliminating the need to chase tenants and third-party contractors, or schedule in-person signings.

Once your documents have been signed, handily store them online in our protected Cloud to prevent loss of information or sensitive data.


Maintain Health & Safety Compliance

Prevent the spread of food and air-born diseases such as salmonella in your business’ kitchens and premises.

Record your responses to government-made checklists to ensure your business is up to date and up to standard with current health and safety compliancy laws and regulations.

Make sure your staff are also trained to handle food correctly, preventing the person-to-person spread of preventable diseases.



Digital Evidence: Images, Videos, Location & Much More

Why stick with just the checkbox method when you can add evidence of the work completed in the form of photos & Videos. 

You can link checklists to be carried out at a specific locations to ensure the checks were done at the specified area. 

Great for companies that regularly work with external contractors, the ability to add photo evidence to completed checklists allows you to approve completed jobs remotely and without in-person contact.

This is a handy feature for landlords or businesses that have multiple premises or properties across the country.

Maintain Your Food Safety and Hygiene Standards

Checkki works with our Food Technology Product Resinity. The food hygiene checklists cover all of the food safety regulations and laws in your country – meaning your business can stay up-to-date with the latest food safety rules, and improve your customer experience. 

In addition, train your staff in accordance with the most recent regulations to ensure the best food quality.

Passing your food and premises inspections, and getting those five-star ratings has never sounded easier!


Visual Reports Sent Direct from the App

Are you a landlord looking to send inspection results to your clients? Maybe you manage properties and are looking for an easy way to keep property owners up to date with their properties?

Checkki allows you to easily send reports of collected data from the app to all of important stakeholders in your business.

The Checkki App compiles and creates professional looking digital reports automatically that you can then send and share directly from your smartphone. No need to spend more admin time to create reports on computer. 


Data Safety, Privacy and Security

  • Industry-Standard Data Security; Encrypted and secure communication of data no matter where you access it from. Secure Cloud infrastructure protecting sensitive information and ensuring GDPR-compliance.
  • Peace-of-mind Data Safety and High Availability; ISO Certified Data Centers with 99.9% up-times with regular data backups and disaster recovery to make sure your operations keep running smoothly around the clock.

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