Builder Merchants Why You Need to Go Online NOW

Nov 2, 2022 | Ecommerce, JustSell B2B

Builder’s Merchants Why You Need to Go Online NOW.

Builder merchants have systems in place that functioned 10-15 years ago (or even more), but in the modern era of smartphones and 24/7 connectivity, these processes may rapidly become outdated and become a barrier to business growth. According to research, 93% of B2B e-commerce consumers increasingly prefer to purchase from various websites. So, it is time for builder merchants who does not have an online presence to transform their businesses by going online before it is too late.   

builder merchants

builder merchants

Key Benefits of E-Commerce for Builder Merchants  E-Commerce has always been the way of the future, and it is much more so now. The outside world has become a realm of uncertainty, mistrust, and social distance, emphasizing the numerous advantages of e-commerce for both businesses and customers. B2B e-commerce has grown year after year since its start. People prefer internet shopping over in-store buying since it is more straightforward.  Low Financial Cost  You are not needed to provide your outlet, nor to pay rent or engage many employees. Marketing and advertising efforts are very reasonably priced. Furthermore, the internet gateway is digitized and automated, which saves a large amount of money. One of the key benefits of e-commerce for builder merchants is the elimination of a middleman, which translates into significant cost savings. Because it connects buyers and sellers directly, the platform can create an efficient supply chain. 

eCommerce store is opened 24/7

eCommerce store is opened 24/7

Open 24/7   In comparison, most physical stores are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., offering you a competitive advantage. Builder merchants can attract consumers who would ordinarily pick up goods in a shop if the outlet was open at all hours. An e-commerce website helps you to reach out to those who have irregular work schedules or don’t have time to purchase in person.  Wider Market  Another benefit of online shops for B2B retailers and merchants is that they are not restricted by geography. When conducting business online through e-commerce sites, geographical boundaries become meaningless. You may sell your products to internet buyers all around the world. You are not limited to customers within walking distance of your actual location. A consumer may access the portal from anywhere in the world using an internet connection and a computer capable of running it.  Product Catalogue  Online websites give reviews and user input that advise consumers about the marketability of a product. The site contains warranty information as well as other product-related terms and conditions that a consumer may find useful. It has also been demonstrated that 70% of B2B buyers like to download information about the product, hence PDF product sheets should be provided on every product page.     

Stock Management  E-commerce inventory or stock management is a systematic way of acquiring, storing, managing, and transporting goods for an e-commerce business. Multi-Chain Inventory Management is a framework used by several builder merchants in the digital world. A detailed discussion is carried out in the following article. If you are a builder or construction merchant, then it is a must-read.    Best E-Commerce Platform?  There is no one-size-fits-all solution for the ideal B2B e-commerce platform for builder merchants. Everything depends on the company strategy and what you’re searching for. Just Sell is an e-commerce platform that could produce big results for B2B e-commerce builder merchants. Just Sell is a market-leading e-commerce platform loaded with all the benefits and features discussed earlier in the article.    builder merchants e-commerce  Turn your offline building supplies business into an online e-commerce store within 30 days through JustSell. Not sure? Schedule a live demo now. 

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